Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is a free download (AW computers have this loaded). It allows you to import video or pictures, import audio or music, view video effects, transitions and create titles & credits. You are then able to save to your computer or burn to a CD.


Slideboom: is a great way to present a presentation via the web. Just upload your Ppt, then choose the option of viewing it as a video. Audio is not available in a free account. This can be embedded into a blog.
View and example here:


Wordle: is a great place to express yourself with text and design. Create a word cloud with an emphasis on what you really want to stand out. Check out my tutorial.

Vcasmo - for digital storytelling or digital display

This site requires a free account. It allows a PowerPoint to be uploaded, then to be synchronized with narration and picture of yourself speaking about the Ppt. It can then be embedded into a blog and allows for linkable slides and includes permission controls.
Here is an example to watch:


Here is another form of storytelling The upside is that it includes cool design options, background music, photos and text. Just click on each picture to read about it. The downside is that it can not be narrated and the blog feature at the end doesn't always work. There is a free signup, but someone with an email account would have to do that. I don't yet know if several students can work under the same account name at the same time. But, just another idea to view.  Here is an example of one that I did.  

Photo Story

Photo Story is a free download (the computers at AW have this installed already). Upload photos, add narration and music, and you have yourself a digital story. For directions, go to:


Exchange and share your photos in high quality with your friends with Troovi. Just choose photos, upload them, and it's free. After uploading photos, Troovi provides a URL so that others can view the photos.

Edmodo - a secure collaboration site for classes

Edmodo is a great site to create a group, then to have students join the group with a provided code. It is safe and secure and only the teacher has to create an account.

Titan Pad - Collaboration in a Snap

Titan Pad is a fun and easy way to have students collaborate in real time. Just click "create a public pad", then "invite", and the site provides a URL that students simply type in to a browser.

Imagination Cubed

This funny web 2.0 tool lets you type, draw, and other things, then send immediately to someone, with no sign up or registration.It demonstrates the process one took to draw, and you can draw with friends via email invitation.