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50 Common Core Resources for Teachers

50 Common Core Resources for Teachers


ScootPad is free and offers mathematics and reading practice activities to elementary school students and their teachers. ScootPad activities can be played on just about any device including iPads, Android tablets, and Chromebooks. ScootPad offers a lot of features, but at it's core is practice activities aligned to Common Core standards. Teachers can create classroom accounts in which they can manage all aspects of their students' accounts including password resets. The best part is ScootPad allows teachers to monitor how their students are doing on each concept in the practice activities.

Image Burn

 Image Burn
ImgBurn is a CD / DVD / HD DVD / Blu-ray burning application that everyone should know about! It is a free download and our teacher laptops and lab computers already have the program downloaded. I have used it for copying audio CDs from disc to disc and for burning computer files to a CD. I have a help guide ready if you would like to learn how.


What is Podcasting? A podcast is like an audio broadcast. Here are a few reasons to for students to create podcasts:
*  Literacy skills - although each podcast lasts only  typically, anywhere from 1-7 minutes, preparation time is needed. The children have to research their topic, music and anything else they add to liven it up (jokes, sounds).They also have to think of questions to ask their interviewees, as well as writing the scripts for the podcast.
* Speaking and listening skills - presenting a podcast requires the development of clear speaking skills.
* Team work skills - Collaborative podcasts require a considerable team effort.
 Here are a few  tools that can be used for Podcasting.
Audacity: Your teacher computer and cart 1 computers already have Audacity on them.
This is a very basic way to record a podcast (grades K-3). After the podcast has been recorded, it can be downloaded as an MP3.
 Smartboard: Use your Smartboard to record a podcast  
~Let me know if you would like for me to help you with Podcasting!

Learning Lab

Learning Lab is a great resource to use when teaching about digital citizenship. The website has short videos to watch on a topic, followed by skills learned, and finally activities for applying what you have learned. Although it is cartoon based, it is appropriate for upper grades too.  

Worksheet Works

Worksheet Works
Create and print customized skill sheets, maps, and more!

Random Name Picter/Online Stopwatch

Random Name Picker
Uses slot machine interface to choose a name from a list.

Online Stopwatch
Large-screen stopwatch or countdown clock

Copy Paste Character

Copy Paste Character
Easy-to-get icons and special text characters

Bingo Baker

Bingo Baker easily creates random bingo cards for you.  Just put in the words and click generate- that's it!  You have just created 8 random cards that will be printed in a .pdf document for you.  If you need more cards, you could sign up for a yearly $9.99 account!  (Or you could just enter the words again!!)
The cards are full size!