Go Math Academy Videos

Here are some great videos from Houghton Mifflin, put out by the Go Math Academy, teaching key concepts and skills. You have to register, but they are free. I just looked a few really good ones.

GregTangMath -

GregTangMath - A website with strategies, skills and activities in Math. It includes games, handouts, books and other great resources for struggling students.



Here are a couple of resources that you may be able to use. The resource is called Studyladder and has activities for Math, English, Art, Science, Health, and a few others. It is a free sign up for educators.

Studyladder -  Halloween activities

Chibi Machine

Here is a cute website that you could use with students. They choose a template  and upload their photo from the student picture folder (common drive/last years photos). From their they can tweak the poses, head, head accessories, hair, face, skin color, trousers, shirt, skirt, shoes and background. When finished, they would take a screen shot and paste it into a Word document. 

Next students would type a five sentence paragraph to entertain, inform or create a 3-step "how to" project. 

This may take more than one session.

Chibi Machine