Classroom Applications:
·         Allows students to publish and author their writing for an audience.
·         Write a book that teaches about a topic, such as what composite numbers are or the life cycle of the plant or other expository text
·         Teachers may use the software to write stories that can be used to teach reading skills. These books may be read on a Smartboard or individually in a center activity.
Storyjumper is a free online tool that allows students to create, print and publish stories. It’s user-friendly features include: a) teacher created rosters within the private workspace for students, b) easy to set up multiple classes, c) teachers create a predetermined time limit for student’s to work on book, d) students can work on book from home; optional by teacher, e) books can be created from scratch or templates can be used, f) can import photos or scanned drawings, g) scenes & props are included and available for student use, h) books can be purchased or printed with assembly_*Good for independent work for 2-6, whole group work for K-1