Grade 5 Explorer Trading Card Technology Project

Explorer Trading Cards ….. using

1.      Log in to Novell (only if you plan to screenshot the finished project, put it on a Word doc and then type an informative essay under the screenshot)
2.      Go to Google Chrome - our school website – student corner – Mrs. Tush – and under Grade 5 (in the middle section), locate Explorer Trading Cards
3.      Click on Explorer Trading Cards
4.      Make a new tab (ctrl + t)
5.      Type in the name of your explorer and locate images of him/her
6.      Right click to save image assave picture as… and save it to the desktop or to your H drive (desktop is the quickest)
Big Huge Labs
7.      Return to the bighugelabs tab .  Directions:
a)      Scroll down and open “Trading Card
b)      Click – choose file
c)      Navigate to where you saved your image – then select it and click open
d)      For the title – type your explorers name
e)      For the sub-title, type in the sponsoring country
f)       In the description, type: (only about 7 lines of text will fit)
--- year of birth and death
--- 1 major accomplishment
--- 3 interesting facts
--- by: your name
8.      Choose a style
9.      Choose a few icons that represent your explorer (just click on a circle and then choose an icon – IT MUST HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH YOUR EXPLORER) ---- then repeat for other icons
10.  Crop – leave it on “center”
11.  Click Create
(If your image cuts off part of the head, click Edit. Locate a new image. Click upload and locate your new image).

When you are finished creating the trading card:
12.  Click Download
13.  Locate the downloaded image. Select it and then click open.
14.  Click Print
15.  Click Next
16.   Your image should be the defaulted selection (has a check mark)
17.  Click Next
18.   Choose a printer
19.  Click Next
20.  Choose whatever size your teachers asks you to choose (5 X 7 or 4 to a page)
21.  Click Next
22.  Click Finish