Grade 5 Revolutionary War Letter

Here is a project idea that integrates technology and transfers a student’s keyboarding skills (learned last year) into the writing of a friendly letter. Students would compose a letter to a friend or relative as a colonist describing why they would support the Patriots, the Loyalists, or the Neutralists using the Friendly Letter Generator as an online tool.
This letter would be written after your students have studied and understand what the each group stood for with the British (Patriots, Loyalists, Neutralists) and be fairly knowledgeable in the events that led up to the Revolutionary War. What a great way to assess higher-order thinking - (defend and support a position, make judgments in regards to strengths and weaknesses of the position, construct a quality letter, evaluate viewpoints, etc.).
If you would like any assistance with a project like this, or would like for me to post this website on the Mrs. Tush website (in student’s corner), just let me know.
Attached is a sample Revolutionary War letter, using the Friendly Letter Generator.