ToonDoo – Creating Comics
YouTube Tutorial to create one comic-
High School Italian Renaisance example:
*If you choose ToonDoo, please understand that you will need to create a minimum of 2 ToonDoo Comics, and then use the ToonBook Maker to create a book.
ToonBookMaker Video Tutorial
ToonDoo provides a group of tools that make it easy for someone without drawing tools to create comics or "doos". When creating a basic "Doo", you can select from a number of layout styles in terms of numbers of panes. You have access to a large catalog of background images, props, characters, objects, and more. The ToonBook Maker is used to create a book out of your created toons.
The site does require the student to register for an account. This requires and email address to register. That limitation makes this a more valuable tool for older students. Younger students without email accounts may need to use their teacher accounts.

Students can create multi-frame comic strips. There are a variety of backgrounds, props, characters, text boxes and clip art to select from. The site also allows for the addition of images from the web or a personal image. There are many editing features available. Upon completion of your comic you can save it or send it. Students can save their strip and access it at a later time. They can also publish their comic online for the world to view.
There are a number of ways that his tool can be used as an instructional tool or assessment. Have students create a comic as a first day back project
to discuss their summer. Students create a comic that depicts a conversation between characters in a story or historical figures. Teachers create comics with various emotions to teach behaviors to special needs students. Students create a comic to kick off a creative writing assignment. Students create a comic using new vocabulary words that are being taught. Students in a world language course may create a comic that contains text written in the language studied. Have students create a comic to demonstrate knowledge of life skills such as speaking with a bank teller, ordering at a restaurant, speaking with a doctor or going on an interview Students may create a political cartoon. Students may create a comic that explains how to solve a math problem or provides an explanation for a science topic such as photosynthesis. Students may create a comic that consists of a conversation between historical figures or one that depicts an event from history. Students may create a comic that provides a first person account of a current event. Students may create a comic to interpret a scene form a story, analyze a character or an alternate scene or ending.