Zoo Burst

Example – My Trip to Egypt: http://www.zooburst.com/zb_books-viewer.php?book=4c7b129e83cd6
Zooburst Quickstart Guide - http://zooburst.media.s3.amazonaws.com/documentation/ZooBurst-Quickstart_Guide.pdf
or view from course documents
Youtube tutorial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwE25dx2CaU
Create a free account for the basic package. Anyone ages 13 or older with a valid email address can access the basic package. The classroom management tools are only available with the paid version. Adding text to photos is part of the free version, but voice is not. Hyperlinks can be added to photos as well. When finished with the book, click on Share to get the URL link for the book, or get the embed code and embed into your Wiki. The book can not be downloaded without a premium account. Post the URL link to your wiki, or embed it.
ZooBurst authors can share books with readers using a simple hyperlink, and books can easily be embedded in any website or blog, allowing authors to provide their own contextual framework to their stories. Authors can also maintain a moderated discussion forum for each book, providing a virtual space in which readers can interact with one another.
Readers who have a camera installed on their computer can also experience any ZooBurst book in Augmented Reality. Using nothing more than a standard webcam, visitors can hold up a special symbol to the webcam to
watch as a 3D pop-up book “jumps” out of the paper and into the room around them. In addition, our Augmented Reality mode also allows readers the ability to interact with a book using simple gestures. For example, simply waving your hand in front of a book will allow you to turn its pages back and forth.